What does use-by, sell-by or best-if-used-by actually mean?

I pose this question because it inevitably creeps up in my mind when I’m going through my fridge on Friday night, sorting out what's still good. As much as I can, I meal prep. Because it helps me save time and money - blah blah blah - we all know the benefits. Let’s go back to my 2017 New Year’s resolution, where I stated I wanted to reduce my food waste. Now that we are halfway through the year, I’d like to assess where I am at and what I’ve learned.

#DCGlutenfree: Being Gluten Free in the District

Once I moved to DC, I knew I had to start all over again and learn the restaurants and foodie scene. Luckily, I found @DCGlutenfree on instagram. I really enjoyed learning the different gluten free finds around the district. After following the account for some time, I realized that it wasn't just finds in DC, but also in NYC and even Maine. I wanted to learn more about the person behind the account, and reached out. I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful and nice she was! Stephanie is the woman behind the account, trying new foods across the district and documenting her finds. I asked her more about her gluten free journey and how she ended up being a strong influencer in the area. 

Food rules: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

The book is a short read – 139 pages and 64 rules. It doesn’t overwhelm you with facts and thoughts about food. It’s a great introduction to what food is, what it isn’t and what we assume food can be, or has been. It doesn’t dive deep into the science, or make-up of food, but instead helps you avoid foods that have been created by food scientists to push large amounts of salt, sugar and fat into your diet.If you’re looking for an introduction to food and indicators of how to identify good food - without the pressure of calling it - The Atkins Diet, Weight Watchers or JennyCraig – then I’d recommend picking up this short, informative read. Here's what I learned.

How Do Vegans Get Protein?

Guest Post by Anna WildmanIf you don’t eat meat, where do you get your protein?! It’s a question that every vegan inevitably gets - all the timeThere is actually an abundance of plant-based protein sources. The more common ones include beans, tofu, and nuts, but there are many others that you may not realize are also high in protein. These include broccoli, lentils, rice, potatoes, seeds, spinach, peas, and oatmeal. Ok—so I have all these great choices, but how do I fit them into my meals?

Why Being Uncomfortable is OK

Many of my greatest experiences have come after being uncomfortable, whether it was for a month or for a year. There are countless of examples of this but consider the angst of getting into college, securing your first job, buying your first home, deciding to marry someone or even losing someone. These experiences come with a ton of mixed emotions and feelings, but they usually can work in your favor – even when your favor could be perceived as negative (initially). I’ve thought about how I try to deal with being uncomfortable, or totally let down, and there are three things I always keep in mind.

5 Daily Habits of Healthy People

Guest Post by Nicole Nelson: Do you ever wonder how certain people make “being healthy” look so easy? No, they don’t have any special hidden talents; they simply make their health and well-being a priority. After some reflection, I’ve gathered a list of the top habits that healthy people follow on a daily basis. I invite you to try working these into your own life.

6 Ways To Make Your Salad Satisfying

Guest Post by Mandy Crosby: “I would be so hungry if that’s what I ate for lunch!” - the most common comment I receive when people see that I willingly eat and enjoy salads everyday. This usually turns into a conversation about what items they put into their salads ,and most of the time they just aren’t adding enough contents.So, after a couple years of salad making, I found these six pieces to be key in making the most satisfying and tasty salads. 

Can you control food cravings?

Chocolate, Chipotle, Cheese. YES. There you are to taunt me again. Just when I thought I had pushed the thought of you to the back burner while I focus on developing a broader food palette. Why do these things taunt us? It’s a terrible thing to want something, knowing you can’t have it or that the side effects outweigh the delight. Find out how I control my food cravings.