Hello, I'm Kamilah

I’m a health and wellness blogger currently living in Washington, D.C. I love finding ways to improve my overall health and wellness. Sharing them here is a passion of mine, and I hope you feel inspired by my findings.

A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance and ever since then, I’ve tried to find what works for me when it comes to food. What I realized over time was that I needed to pay attention not only to what I was eating, but also how I was feeling and what other ways I could improve my overall health and well-being. I started trying new things such as boxing and cryotherapy. I became highly interested in health and communication, and obtained a master of science in health communication at Northwestern University. Sharing my health experiences has led to so many other adventures, and I remain anchored in health to continue to make a difference - not only in my life, but hopefully in others as well.