Could Yelp Really Help With Healthcare Measures?

I came across a Modern Healthcare article about healthcare measures, and thought Yelp...seriously? Healthcare measures are important when understanding the quality of care, as well as understanding the use of care in health organizations. Taking into account that 70 percent of Americans seek out opinions before making a decision could make Yelp a popular resource in the healthcare space. Many people look online for opinions about businesses, products, and services, so why not healthcare?

"Consumer sites encourage the free flow of information, allowing people to provide nuanced accounts of their experiences. This means that they're likely to include pertinent firsthand details, such as the quality of the food or any rodent sightings, among other distinctions that could help to identify a health violation. " - from the article.

Word of mouth is the original form of free-flowing information, and has incorporated the internet as another platform for doing so. There is power in numbers, as well as transparency through review sites. There are many internet users, and tapping into this resource could be a useful tool in healthcare. Knowing before you go to a hospital what the average wait time would be, how well trained the staff are, and if people said they would return would be essential to your decision-making process.

The bottom line is - we all want to walk in confidence when we receive health care. Finding the best care for ourselves and the people we love may be through a social media post, or an online forum right at your finger tips.

Here some great examples from Northwestern Medicine's Instagram. A quick scroll through their Instagram and you've found some credibility! It's amazing what technology, and specifically social media can do for increasing awareness and driving people to a particular location, product, service or person.