A Healthy New Year's Resolution

Ahhh, that time of year again when everyone is pushing their new year’s resolution lists, tips and tricks in your face, on your timeline and during dinner. It seems like every year someone gets more creative with what they want to do with their lives in 20xx from sky diving to owning a home. But really, why is there so much emphasis towards the end of the year on what January 1st, 20xx will look like? In my opinion, deep down we all want to strive to be better. It really has nothing to do with the date, but everything to do with how we view ourselves. And in some cases, it’s just plain cool to talk about how you’re going to improve in the following year – whether you do it or not.


In 2017, I’d like to reduce my food waste. I know, really cool and practical. But seriously, I think about all of the amazing fresh foods that I eat, and thought to myself, why is it that some of this food goes to waste? Are my eyes too big for my stomach? Too ambitious? Poor planning? Does life always get in the way? Any of these are plausible! For me, I need to stick to what I say I’m going to eat. It’s not some complicated or crazy reason. I simply love food and love experiences around food. It’s not a bad thing, but I’d like to pay better attention to how much food I am buying and anticipate (some) those fun escapades to eat out or satisfy a craving.

There is an estimated 70 billion pounds of food waste in America every year, an astronomical number that is difficult to illustrate. I know it will take more than my improved food planning to make a dent in this number, but I’d like to be more conscious of what I’m consuming as well as how much of it. There will always be more we can do, and this obsession that many of us have with ‘more’ needs to be evaluated every year. When you think about your New Year’s Resolution (or don’t), think about what ‘more’ means to you? It could be deciding to do ‘less’ of something.

Tell me what you're doing new in 2017 in the comments below!