What’s your purpose?

A goal is set. You achieve the goal. You celebrate. Repeat.

When I achieve my goals, I immediately create new ones so that I can constantly grow and learn. I’m sure many of you can relate to this, and know how rewarding and stressful this can be. Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive about the goals you’ve set for yourself, and many times it’s easy to wish you hadn’t set the bar so high! There’s a reason you set the bar there, and following through with what you envisioned for yourself is rewarding.

Think of it this way: most people spend more time on the journey towards their goal than celebrating the accomplishment. During the journey, sometimes it’s hard being positive, but you have to keep going. Sure, this is a reminder for myself. But I know that it is so easy for “life” to happen that you can forget to properly motivate yourself.

Just the other day I wasn’t feeling motivated. For me, and my story, I realized I can do better than the routine I was stuck in. I have experienced great success, and I can mimic that success… and so can you. I have the strength. And there’s a reason I have this strength. Everyone was put on this earth for a purpose, and as early as today, we are being called out of our past routine and into our purpose.

Your journey is your own, but only you can discover your purpose. Use what you are given, because I promise you, there is someone out there that can benefit from what you have to offer. They’re waiting on you. The world is waiting on you…