The 5 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

As someone who mainly grew up playing lots of tennis (soccer and ice skating was also thrown into the mix), I have always had an affinity for fitness. Working out is therapeutic to me. No matter how long my day was, what I’m up against, or how I’m feeling – the gym is always there, ready and willing to push me. From yoga to hiking to boxing, physical activity is something I personally cannot live without. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my fitness and to be open to other forms of physical activity. There are several influencers I follow on Instagram who I think can motivate anyone looking to spice up their gym routine or to get creative in how they incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. I think it's important to follow a broad range of influencers, and I've chosen five who I think best represent my current range of interests. Every person's fitness journey is different, and there's so much you can learn from the different ways physical activity is portrayed. 

1 | @J.CRVZ

I love watching J’s videos for workout inspiration. Not only does he have some of the best music overlays to his videos, but his workouts are easy to follow if you’d like to try them yourself. Not all of them will work in your own gym, but many of them have given me inspiration to try new things in my own workouts. Trust me, if I was in Cali, I’d be trying to work with him. 

2 | @KarinaElle 

To me, Karina seems like a good-hearted, fitness model. She shows her entire workout – even when it gets hard. There’s something to be said about that since most of the time we only see the clean, polished versions of fitness videos (no struggling, ya feel me?) You can easily tell that fitness is her passion, and that she works hard at what she does. She also has Facebook accountability groups, challenges and more ways than one to get you thinking about what fitness should mean to you.  

3 | @Massy.Arias

Massy gives so much more than fitness workouts. She really offers insight into her life and what she’s doing to work through it. She brings so much light and positivity through her page. I appreciate her bi-lingual posts and range of motion in her workouts. A must follow. 

4 | @GetFitWithGiddy

When I lived in Chicago, I actually took a Flywheel spin class with Gideon, and it was amazing! Ever since I moved D.C., I have followed him on the ‘gram and really got inspired by his outdoor workouts. I’d really like to try them somewhere around D.C. – if anyone else would like to join me, definitely drop me a line. 

5 | @GunnarFitness

Gunnar has worked with tons of NFL and NBA teams, as well as Khloe Kardashian and Scott Foley (hey Scandal fans!). His workouts and motivation are well thought out, and I have found that I am just as interested in his motivational posts as I am his workouts. He has a way of bringing things into perspective and that’s something we all need from time to time. 

You can do more.

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This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of fitness accounts out there on Instagram. It's easy to get caught up in glorifying fitness Instagram accounts and copying workouts down to the second. My advice? Don't get bogged down. Look for accounts that offer more than just fitness, and follow ones that relate to a particular goal you're trying to achieve.

&& hey...sometimes it's just impressive to watch insanely fit people do above average workouts...that's okay, too. Just be honest with yourself.