What It Actually Takes To Hit Your Health Goals

Am I doing this right? Do I need to adjust? Did I acknowledge my progress? Do I need help to get to the next step?

While all of those questions are great to ask yourself…it’s the action behind them that’s the most important. Recently, I’ve been on auto-pilot when it comes to my health goals. Did I eat enough greens, protein, healthy fats and carbs? Am I mixing in an appropriate amount of fried foods or cake? Because hello…we are human and we will want onion rings and a milkshake sometimes. 

But I stopped myself today and realized that I could be doing more. Over the last couple of weeks, I was talking to myself differently…why I couldn’t join this particular gym or why I couldn’t eat that particular food. I had to reel it all in and level with myself and say “Hey…what’s really going on here?”

I’ll walk you through what I learned.

Here I am…a woman who knows a ton about food, health and more. Some of you can relate:

You know everything about nutrition. You have a dietician. You follow tons of healthy Instagram accounts and subscribed to your favorite influencers' podcasts. You might even describe yourself as a do-er…but for some reason, it’s not completely jiving with where you are right now. You still don’t feel like you’re there yet. 

Plain and simple: you can have all the resources available to you, but if you aren’t disciplined, then nothing will happen. I repeat nothing. And I don’t want to chalk this up to laziness, but instead, not being focused

Not realizing that your distractions are coming from a hundred different directions at a hundred miles an hour. Not realizing that the centralized thing in this perceived chaos is YOU. And as a professor in my graduate school program used to tell me - you’ve got to do the work. Not just with your health goals but in life. 

Stop complaining and start doing. It’s not because you don’t have a trainer. It’s not because you need more healthful food in your pantry. It’s about doing the work and getting out of your own way. 


What am I talking about? Here are some common examples:

You’re on a budget? News flash: most people are. Shop smarter.  Do your research. Find out where it’s more cost effective to buy your produce and where it’s healthier to buy your meats.

You only belong to one gym or don’t have one? There’s options. Maximize your gym experience by finding workouts through the dozens of applications for your phone or follow some fitness Instagram accounts to get your workouts going. And if you are gym-less, maybe it’s time to invest in some weights - heck, even Amazon has bundles for workout equipment. Run outside! It’s also a great workout (and free). 

The only person stopping yourself is you. Research to find what works for you. We are doing ourselves a great disservice by limiting ourselves with our thoughts. As the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out.

I know I make this all sound easy or maybe this was a rant I needed to hear. Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by this. Start slow and figure out the biggest challenge you’re facing right now. Is it location? Is it money? Is it circumstances? Figure out what you can control and go from there. 

I’m always happy to be a resource or point you in the direction of one. Please do reach out. 

Your biggest action step is to start today and fight for tomorrow.