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The 5 Best Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

There are several influencers I follow on Instagram who I think can motivate anyone looking to spice up their gym routine or to get creative in how they incorporate fitness into their lifestyle. I think it's important to follow a broad range of influencers, and I've chosen five who I think best represent my current range of interests. Every person's fitness journey is different, and there's so much you can learn from the different ways physical activity is portrayed. 

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#DCGlutenfree: Being Gluten Free in the District

Once I moved to DC, I knew I had to start all over again and learn the restaurants and foodie scene. Luckily, I found @DCGlutenfree on instagram. I really enjoyed learning the different gluten free finds around the district. After following the account for some time, I realized that it wasn't just finds in DC, but also in NYC and even Maine. I wanted to learn more about the person behind the account, and reached out. I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful and nice she was! Stephanie is the woman behind the account, trying new foods across the district and documenting her finds. I asked her more about her gluten free journey and how she ended up being a strong influencer in the area. 

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